Topwater Fishing


Bass busting a lure on top of the water is a whole lot of fun.


It is a lot of fun to catch bass on top water lures. I use an assortment and have caught alot of bass on topwater over the years. The same lures work good just like they always did and you can catch some pretty nice fish on top at times. I always look for an oppurtunity top water because it is so much fun. For me the green ones work best.


Zara Spook

Zara Spook


I have caught a lot of fish on the Rapala in South Florida and out West but not so much in Central Fla. Probably because I don't throw it much as I used to.

Other Hard Baits


These are the ones that catch the most fish. Take the front propeller off.


Bass have nailed this Zara Spook Puppy for me.

I caught quite a few on these lures as well

Chug Baits